Amanda Knox Release Called ‘Miscarriage of Justice’ by Prominent Cable News Host

Oct 5, 2011  •  Post A Comment

A popular cable news host was one of only a few voices expressing a negative reaction to Tuesday’s decision in the Amanda Knox case, USA Today reports.

HLN host Nancy Grace, currently taking a break from her show to compete on “Dancing With the Stars,” was unhappy to hear the news, according to the story.

"I was very disturbed, because I think it is a huge miscarriage of justice," Grace told “Access Hollywood,” the story reports. "I believe that while Amanda Knox did not wield the knife herself, I think that she was there, with her boyfriend, and that he did the deed, and that she egged him on. That’s what I think happened."

Knox was back home in the U.S. today after being released from prison in Italy. She was jailed for about four years until a court in Perugia overturned her convictions on murder charges.

During her appeal, Knox denied she was in the apartment when her roommate, Meredith Kercher, was killed. Knox said in her final appeal: "She had her bedroom next to mine. She was killed in our own apartment. If I had been there that night, I would be dead. I did not kill. I did not rape. I did not steal. I wasn’t there."

Grace also said of Knox, “I don’t wish her ill will.” But the host said she won’t try to get an interview with Knox. “I don’t think she’s going to tell the truth anyway, so what’s the point?" Grace said, according to the report.



  1. Nancy, just keep dancing and let others judge YOU for a change! Unless you’re an Italian Detective, you’re opinion doesn’t mean squat.

  2. Nancy Grace, you’re a real piece of work. Were you there to see the crime? Were you in the courtroom? Did you see all the evidence? Then how can you make an INFORMED opinion, rather than just spout off? Oh, wait, that’s your claim to fame; spouting off…

  3. As Nancy said “Somewhere tonight Sata is dancing”.
    Well Nancy Satan is dancing on “Dancing with the “wanna be” Stars” and he’s blond and in drag.

  4. The real “Miscarriage of Justice” is that pig is considered a “Prominent Cable News Host”

  5. The real “Miscarriage of Justice” is that pig is considered a “Prominent Cable News Host”

  6. The real “Miscarriage of Justice” is that pig is considered a “Prominent Cable News Host”

  7. Nancy Grace is just a know-it-all blowhard – and I’ll bet she was the biggest bully on the playground when she was a kid. I don’t understand why anyone watches her.

  8. Well, she did serve a four year sentence in an Italian jail. Does that count for anything Nancy?

  9. Nancy Grace thinks the concept of an “innocent defendant” is an oxymoron. In her eyes, anyone who is charged must be guilty, despite the presumption of innocence and any actual, you know, evidence.

  10. Why would you insult pigs like that?

  11. Why would you insult pigs like that?

  12. Nancy I didn’t know you were so fat either until you got from behind your desk and on Dancing to just see how big a slob you really are, what do you know did you the see the evidence!

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