Cop Drama Canceled

Oct 17, 2011  •  Post A Comment

A police detective drama got bad news from its network late last week as the channel announced it is canceling the show, Entertainment Weekly reports.

The show is TNT’s "Memphis Beat," which stars Jason Lee as a quirky detective. TNT has decided not to order a third season of the show, the story reports.

The cable network is tinkering with its schedule in anticipation of the remake of "Dallas," the story notes. Last month TNT canceled "HawthoRNe," and earlier in the year it dropped "Men of a Certain Age," the piece points out.


  1. So sad about this. A wonderful cast, along with the music, that elevated MB beyond the “cop drama” label.

  2. I agree I really liked this show.It wasn’t just about cop drama but had good lessons with it. Sorry to see it go!

  3. Liek Charlie’s Angels, Dallas’ time has passed. That type of programming is not what the market really wants. The first couple weeks it may get curiosity ratings, but it will fade quickly.

  4. I liked Memphis Beat for most of the characters and the mood of the show, but Jason Lee was ALL wrong in the part. The casting of him made for a monotone-one-note character. I loved him on My Name is Earl, but he was woefully miscast as the lead in this show. Also, some of the writing was a little creaky and lame, but it was still an interesting show.

  5. I’ll bet the DVD release gets terribly bogged down due to music rights.

  6. You’re absolutely right. He was terrible in this show.

  7. You’re absolutely right. He was terrible in this show.

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