Former ‘SNL’ Star Says Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert Aren’t Funny

Oct 24, 2011  •  Post A Comment

One of the first "Saturday Night Live" stars tells the Los Angeles Times that he doesn’t find Jon Stewart or Stephen Colbert funny.

"I don’t tend to laugh at Jon Stewart or Colbert,” said Chevy Chase, who was part of the original cast of NBC’s “Saturday Night Live” when it premiered in 1975. “I feel much more as if there’s a desperation to their performances, that they are not just naturally funny, physical people. I’m not so sure the commentary on those shows hasn’t already been covered by the Onion or by ‘SNL.’"

Chase, 68, said he agreed to join NBC’s "Community" after getting the script and reading as his character introduced himself as "Pierce Hawthorne, and ‘Yes, that is Hawthorne from Hawthorne Wipes, the moist towelette.’ I figured I’ve got to really look into this, because I like the attitude. My third daughter’s least favorite word is ‘moist,’ so I thought I could bother her too. It was a bonus.”


  1. These comments coming from a guy who hasn’t been funny in over 2 decades.

  2. Frankly, THIS sounds like a story from The Onion. Obviously, Chevy doesn’t grasp the difference between satire and pratfalls.
    Jon Stewart isn’t funny because he’s not “physical” enough? Why not complain he’s not funny because he doesn’t smash watermelons on stage or perform in front of a brick wall or have the same name as a posh suburb. Sheesh. Some people don’t have the sense to just shut up.

  3. C’mon. Clark Griswold is the funniest guy ever. Funny without coming across as a wiseguy or smartass. I like Stewart and Colbert, but recognize totally different styles. National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation will be funny forever. An old newscast of The Daily Show is ephemerally homorous.

  4. humorous, that is

  5. Tim,
    You are being generous. Chevy Chase was only funny for one year. That was about 35 years ago on the first season of SNL.
    All the rest of the performances in his career has been unwatchable as far as I’m concerned.

  6. I guess we can put Chevy on the same shelf as Bill Cosby and Jerry Lewis — old cranky comedians who have conveniently forgotten that anyone else in history besides them was capable of making people laugh. And Chevy has written anything funny for himself since SNL Year 1.

  7. colbert is funny, stewart is not. stewart is nothing without his writers.

  8. colbert is funny, stewart is not. stewart is nothing without his writers.

  9. Perfect marketing technique. Create controversy which leads into viewers for the start-up of the show. However, I agree with Chevy. Actors nowadays just don’t have what the old SNL had (it kicked butt, unlike the new SNL). ALL of the current comedies… aren’t. From Comedy talk, like Ellen; Parks and Rec; The Office; How I Met Your Parents; Mike & Molly; Big Bang Theory; and many more shows are not funny. Many of the actors are not trying as hard, nor are the shows being written to be funny.
    Last modern show I thought was funny was Frasier and the first season of Hope & Faith. Now those are no longer on. There had been a void since.
    However, I doubt this new show is gong t o be written to be funny as well.

  10. Stephen Colbert is one of the most gifted comedians of any age. I can laugh when he makes eye contact a certain way. His satire is 100 percent more intense than anything SNL did (and I’m old enough to have watched from day one). Earlier commenter was right. Many old comedians get cranky in their irrelevance.
    Take a cue from Betty White or George Carlin, don’t get cranky, kick it up a notch and keep you mouth shut (except for good comedy).

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