Fox Expands ‘X Factor,’ Shoving New Sitcom Out of the Way

Oct 11, 2011  •  Post A Comment

Fox has decided to expand "The X Factor" to two hours, up from its current 90 minutes, a plan that means new episodes of the network’s popular new comedy "New Girl" will be pushed back by three weeks, reports TheFutonCritic.com.

The network pulled the original "New Girl" episode "Naked" from its Tuesday, Oct. 18, schedule to allow for an expanded "X Factor," the story notes. The news comes after Fox said Friday that it would also pull this Wednesday’s special airing of "New Girl," also to make room for a longer "X Factor."

Another pre-emption of “New Girl” for an expanded “X Factor” was previously announced for Tuesday, Oct. 25, the story notes.

That means "New Girl" won’t air a new episode until Nov. 1, the report adds. Tuesday shows “Glee” and “Raising Hope” are also scheduled to air their next new episodes that night, the story says.

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  1. Seem to recall that “New Girl” was getting solid returns, so does Fox want to try killing it off by making everyone forget about it until November?
    ABC screwed the pooch on “V” by throwing it all over the schedule and ended up wiping out a series that was building an audience. My money says “New Girl” drops out of the stratosphere in November.

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