Report: 10 Reasons to Buy the OLD iPhone, the iPhone 4, Instead of the 4S

Oct 11, 2011  •  Post A Comment

The tech site eWeek.com is listing 10 reasons to buy the older iPhone 4 instead of Apple’s recently unveiled newer model, the iPhone 4S.

Apple’s pitch to get people to move to the new model has focused on the unit’s improved camera and its new dual-core processor, along with a new wireless system that is supposed to provide faster downlink speeds, the story notes. But the report says those speeds will only be available on AT&T’s network, meaning 4S users with Verizon or Sprint will have to settle for 3G speeds.

The story points out the price difference, with the new device checking in at about $100 more, and notes that there’s no design advantage with the 4S, which also has the same carrier options. It also says the older iPhone 4 has an advantage simply because it has been around a while and has been widely tested while the 4S is an “unknown quantity.”

The story downplays the importance of the improved 8-megapixel camera and also notes that the worldwide functionality, while important to world travelers, won’t matter to most buyers.

The story also notes that even though Apple has reduced the capacity of the iPhone 4 to 8GB, Verizon and AT&T continue to sell 16GB and 32GB versions.

Additionally, the older model works with Apple’s iCloud, even though the new service has been showcased in connection with the 4S. It will also run the new operating system, iOS 5.

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  1. What is eWeek thinking? If your sole goal is to save money, yes you can benefit from most iPhone features by using an older model. But the new iPhone 4S has a significantly faster processor and the new voice-driven Siri “personal assistant” which, even in its present Beta version, is a revolutionary way to interact with a device and information. A $100 may feel good in your pocket right now, but halfway through your 2-year phone contract, you’ll almost certainly wish you had the faster model with more features.

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