Star of Popular 1990s Fantasy Show Says He Was Hiding a Potentially Deadly Secret

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An actor who played a hero in a hit 1990s fantasy show now says he was hiding a secret at the time — a potentially deadly health issue, reports Neurology Now.

Kevin Sorbo, who played the title role in the show "Hercules: The Legendary Journeys" from 1995-1999, revealed that he suffered a series of strokes starting in 1997. Sorbo is now 52.

The actor started to feel symptoms in his left arm and hand, such as tingling and intermittent pain, according to the story. Doctors checked him out, but Sorbo said he believed "what seemed like a rational explanation, having recently injured my ulnar nerve — the funny bone," the article notes.

Keeping up his workouts, Sorbo said he felt a searing pain down his left shoulder while lifting weights, prompting a visit to his chiropractor. After driving home from the appointment, he experienced blurry vision and dizziness. The next morning, he could barely walk and his speech was slurred, the piece notes.

At the hospital, doctors determined he had an aneurysm in an artery near his shoulder, leading to a surgical procedure to treat it. After that, an MRI showed that Sorbo had suffered three strokes, the piece notes.

On return to taping the show, Sorbo said he had an anxiety attack and continuing vision problems and fatigue. He had to cut back his hours on the set, the story reports. Since then he has regained his health, according to the report.

“My illness made me special in a way that I never wanted nor expected,” Sorbo said. “I’m not Hercules; I’m a mere mortal with human limitations and problems. But I am determined to not behave like a victim anymore.”

“Hercules: The Legendary Journeys” is said to be one of the highest-rated syndicated TV shows in history.

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