Tough Economy Triggers a New Trend on TV

Oct 10, 2011  •  Post A Comment

A new breed of programs is poised to become the Next Big Thing on television, and it appears to be sparked by tough economic times, the New York Post reports.

The latest trend has been toward reality shows about people dealing with hard times, the story says.

Shows about people with money — think of the Kardashians and the "Real Housewives" franchise — may see their heyday winding down, the story notes. New shows are focusing on finding work, furniture restoration, coupon clipping and storage-locker auctions, the article says.

"When we were in a nice, bustling economy, you saw lots of shows about flipping houses," notes Brent Montgomery, producer of Bravo’s new bargain-hunting show "Fashion Hunters," according to the piece. His new show tracks people shopping at a New York consignment shop, where once-rich women sell off their Gucci and Prada items, the article notes.

A&E, meanwhile, has "Job Whisperer," about headhunter Stephen Viscusi, who helps guide unemployed people back into the work force, the story says. The show will air as a one-off special in the next few weeks, and may become a regular series if the ratings are good, the story adds.


  1. This is a great idea for a reality tv series. I have a feeling it will be a huge success!

  2. As sad as it is, people like to watch these sorts of things – but not sure reality shows about people struggling to find a job is my idea of entertainment.

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