Must-See Video: Rick Perry Debate Brain Freeze: Can’t Remember the U.S. Government Agency He Wants to Close

Nov 10, 2011  •  Post A Comment

[Later in the debate Perry remembered: The Energy Department]


  1. If only he had used Obama’s teleprompter, which the President relies on to be brilliant, even when he visits elementary schools.

  2. Doug, that would be the “White House TelePrompTer,” or the “Presidential TelePrompTer,” or, perhaps, “TelePrompter One.”
    Every president since Eisenhower–Rs and Ds alike–has used a TelePrompTer on a regular basis.
    You can see them in historical videos of the presidents all over the YouTubes.
    You have obviously never used one; The Log has and therefore knows that reading off a ‘prompter is not easy. Some people are skilled at it; some people never lose their deer-in-the-headlights face.
    But this isn’t really about the president’s ‘prompter, is it, Doug?
    Back to work:

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