Video: Brian Williams Keeps His Cool in Alarming Situation on ‘NBC Nightly News’

Nov 30, 2011  •  Post A Comment

On Tuesday’s "NBC Nightly News," anchor Brian Williams kept his cool and continued broadcasting the newscast despite a blaring fire alarm, reports Poynter.org.

Williams was introducing the lead story about the American Airlines bankruptcy filing when the fire alarm started, the story notes. He told viewers that it was just an alarm and the staff of the show was in no danger, the piece adds.

The show soon trended up on Twitter as Williams continued with the alarm blaring. The alarm finally ended three-quarters of the way through the show, the story notes.

The network re-did the news broadcast live for the West Coast, and sent out a tweet to viewers that read, "Thanks to all of our east coast viewers for sticking with us through the #firealarm. Shows we are doing it live!," the piece adds.

Here’s a clip:

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  1. Brian gets an A+ for his composure on-air last night…The Control Room, on the other hand, I’m sure, was another matter, (and rightfully so). I’ve had a lot happen during the thousands of hours of live, network TV in my career, but that, without a fire breaking out, is new to me. I’m sure, as they built that new studio, “they thought of everything”. Stuff like this keeps the work interesting…like a plane ride, there are three basic steps; Take-off, the flight and a walk-a-way landing. Captain Brian had a calamity in flight and still managed to land Nightly News and walk-a-way. A “V” for valor has been added to your wings, Sir. Peter Bright

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