This Is Rich: Guess Who’s Pushing a Boycott of ’30 Rock’

Dec 13, 2011  •  Post A Comment

This is rich. Guess who’s pushing a boycott of the NBC sitcom "30 Rock."

According to a story in TheWrap.com, "Flight attendants at American have inquired about having [Alec] Baldwin’s "30 Rock" removed from the company’s in-flight entertainment, following the actor’s on-board hissy-ffit and subsequent digs at the airline, its employees and modern-day air travel in general, a spokesperson for the airlines has confirmed to TheWrap."

As previously reported, Baldwin was kicked off an American Airlines flight after getting upset when a flight attendant asked him to stop playing Words with Friends on his iPhone. He later called flight attendants "retired Catholic school gym teachers from the 1950s."The actor continued to express anger toward one flight attendant in particular when he later wrote an online apology of sorts about the incident.

Despite the boycott desire by some of American’s flight attendants, a spokesperson for the union that reporesents American flight attendants told TheWrap that such a boycott was not something the union itself will be pushing.

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  1. Doesn’t seem “rich” at all — in fact, it’s quite understandable. One of the issues I have with spoiled Hollywood know-it-alls is they expect everyone to kiss their butt, regardless of the obvious contempt they display through their words and actions toward large segments of their potential audience.
    If after Alec Baldwin throws his immature little hissy fit the targets of that hissy fit decide they want to completely disassociate from him and the products of his labor, why not? Just because Baldwin is a big shot doesn’t mean that the little people have to sit there and take whatever he decides to dish out to them.
    There is free speech, meaning you can say whatever you like without the government attempting to suppress you in advance. However, that does not mean that you are, or should expect to be, insulated from the CONSEQUENCES of that speech.
    You would think that a media-oriented site like TV Week would understand that on at least some basic level.
    I wonder how The Wrap would feel if Alec Baldwin used his fame and access to venues such as SNL to insult the intelligence and fairness of the writer of this column? It would probably seem decidedly less cool and “unrich.”

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