FCC Turns Down the Volume on TV Commercials

Dec 14, 2011  •  Post A Comment

Television ads that jar viewers with a sudden jump in volume have been banned by the Federal Communications Commission, reports the New York Post.

Viewers will have to wait a while to hear a difference, however. The rules won’t go into effect until next December, the story notes.

Under the new regulations a commercial’s average volume can’t be louder than that of the show it interrupts, according to the piece.

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  1. HOO-RAH!
    Seriously, about flipping time. Especially at night. Nothing like watching something at 3AM and having the volume just right so as to not bother the wife next to you in bed & then have an ad for the Obama Chia Pet hit at roughly the same decibel level as the Concorde. Talk about dirty looks….

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