Video: Muppets Accused of Brainwashing Kids

Dec 6, 2011  •  Post A Comment

With the recent release of a new movie, the Muppets have come under fire from some critics, who say they have a hidden agenda.

Fox Business host Eric Bolling suggested on Friday that the Muppets are trying to brainwash kids into hating corporate America, reports the Los Angeles Times’ Show Tracker blog.

Bolling responded to comments from Dan Gainor of the Media Research Center, who noted, "All of these movies attacking the oil industry. None of them reminding people what oil means for most people, which is fuel to light a hospital or heat your home," the story says. Much of the criticism was directed at the character of Tex Richman, a greedy oilman, played by Chris Cooper.

"Why do kids have to be exposed to this? … Why is rich evil? … We’re teaching our kids class warfare. Where are we, communist China?," Bolling responded, the story notes.

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  1. This argument is beyond ridiculous. It is obvious none of these people have seen the movie. 1) Tex Richman is NOT a Muppet, he is played by a human. 2) What is evil is not that he is rich and successful, it that he wants to tear down the Muppet Theater! (And, by the way, the Muppets are not Sesame Street. Muppets have always appealed to more of an adult audience.) But what am I saying! When has FOX news ever worried about getting the facts correct? Silly me!

  2. Ugh! Is this plot not the oldest in the book: a conniving tycoon making a play for a slice of land or some other richie-rich MacGuffin with our heroes very welfare left in the balance … See It’s a Wonderful Life, Robin Hood, heck – every episode of The A-Team for that matter. If the folks at Muppet Studio wanted to truly brainwash kids against capitalism, wouldn’t they take to the streets with some form of free puppet show performed to passersbys? Or go door to door? Or invade the schools? The fact that they instead produced a feature-length motion picture cashcow for one of the biggest corporate powerhouses in the nation shows yet again how much hogwash (apologies to Miss Piggy) actually passes the smell test over at Fox “News.”

  3. Have you ever noticed that this whole “class warfare” crap is only being pushed by Fox? Why? Because they need to get the most uninformed audience in the country brainwashed into thinking that the lower and middle class are even in this “war” and that somehow we might even the playing field.
    Remember, that they are the folks who created the term “job creators” as a substitute for “rich”. By the way, since nothing has changed in the last 10 years, where the hell are the jobs?
    They are, after all, sitting on the largest cash reserves in world history.
    We are living in a new gilded age. But the pendulum continues to move on it’s own 80 year cycle.

  4. Just when you think they couldn’t get any crazier, they pull this. I don’t know if their reporters really believe this crap or if they’re just trying to out-dumb each other.

  5. Why would any sane person waste their time, hearing, eyesight or grey cells on Fox News?

  6. Where are the jobs? Ask a union rep. Oh wait your job was taken by a early pensioner? oh wait you can’t break into the union merit system? Oh wait a lazy, trouble maker can’t be fired and you need a job? Yeah the rich are the problem, rich union leaders.

  7. Rob,
    You are obviously a Fox viewer or you would know that unions are at their lowest influence in modern times. You would also not know, due to your information source, that middle class jobs have disappeared due to the lack of enforcement of the Sherman Act. EVERY time a company is allowed to consolidate it is at the expense of several thousand middle class jobs so that companies that were already profitable could get more profitable at the expense of the very people that built it. By the way, when they could, those jobs went overseas.
    I know your eyes probably glazed over and you stopped reading by this point because of lack of comprehension of the facts.

  8. Commies everywhere!! Even hiding in puppets now! The world as we know it is going to hell in a handbasket…Next that socialistic beast (Santa Claus) will be passing out free gifts on Xmas morning! Whata we do??? Run for the hills, the Reds is coming!!!

  9. FOX News news anchors are actually second-rate jocks who couldn’t get a news job at a small station in Linesville, Pennsylvania, let alone a position at ABC, NBC, CBS or CNN – to name a few. As to why they turn out the garbage – they need the job! Do they really believe the garbage they say on the air – doubtful – nobody could be THAT mindless! Lets tie Bill O’Reilly to a desk chair with duct tape, douse him with honey and put him in a peach orchard – that’ll give him a real buzz…he could use one!-)

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