‘American Idol’ Judge Gets Judged — and Not Kindly — for Performance of National Anthem; Judge for Yourself

Jan 23, 2012  •  Post A Comment

One of the judges on Fox’s “American Idol” is on the other end of the judging after a high-profile performance of the National Anthem was greeted by mostly unkind reviews, TMZ.com reports.

Steven Tyler’s delivery of “The Star Spangled Banner” before Sunday’s AFC Championship Game on CBS drew outbursts of crowd noise, but it’s open to interpretation whether it was the sound of approval or of disbelief.

TMZ reports: “Popular sports site Bleacher Report posted the video under the headline, ‘Watch Steven Tyler Butcher the National Anthem.’ Jason Whitlock, columnist for FOXsports.com, tweeted, ‘Steven Tyler far more obscene than Janet Jackson’s t*tty.’"

Here’s a video of Tyler’s performance:


  1. have no issues with the performance, but the lyrics no longer ring true. the land of the free, really?

  2. It’s obvious that anyone who took issue with Steven Tyler’s version of the national anthem has never heard him sing. It was not disrespectful one bit, it was pure Steven, the rocker! Lots of singers add some sort of embellishment – the screech was his. Whether “everyone” can appreciate it is another story…

  3. He would not have gotten past the first round of American Idol. Even with him as a judge.

  4. Yes, land of the free.
    Compare your freedoms here to that of any other nation on the planet.

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