‘Fear Factor’ Contestants Asked to Drink a Nice Warm Glass of … Are You Kidding Us?

Jan 27, 2012  •  Post A Comment

NBC’s "Fear Factor" will air a challenge Monday that is so gag-inducing it caused network executives to debate whether they should pull it from the show, reports TMZ.com.

The challenge asks contestants to swallow fresh glasses of donkey semen, the piece notes.

Teams of twins are asked to drink the full glass of donkey semen, with a glass of donkey urine as well, according to the story. Without drinking the contents of both glasses, contestants wouldn’t be able to advance to the next round.

The challenge was taped last summer but as the broadcast date approached NBC executives had a series of discussions about whether they should air it, before eventually giving the show the green light, the piece adds.

NBC didn’t immediately return calls requesting comment on the challenge.


  1. “Jackass 2” originally got slapped with an NC-17 rating because it showed the guys drinking horse semen as one of their stunts. The MPAA said it was “pornographic in nature,” so the scene had to be edited with a censor bar over the drinker’s mouth to keep the movie in the R category.
    And now the same kind of stunt will be aired (supposedly uncut) on broadcast television. I can already hear the Parents Television Council typing their letters to the FCC.

  2. “pornographic”? They are drinking it from a glass, right?

  3. It was from a glass, but the MPAA still deemed it as “pornographic.” It’s interesting, of all the content that was in that movie, that’s the clip that would’ve pushed it into NC-17 territory.

  4. Yuck! That is so disgusting.

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