Muppets’ Miss Piggy Lashes Out at Fox News

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Miss Piggy, a co-star of "The Muppets" and television’s "The Muppet Show," struck back at Fox News a month after a report raised questions about whether the Muppets were brainwashing kids with a liberal agenda, reports the Los Angeles Times’ Show Tracker blog.

As previously reported, Fox Business host Eric Bolling suggested that the Muppets were trying to brainwash children into hating corporate America, pointing to the movie’s character of Tex Richman, a greedy oilman.

At a press conference in London to promote the movie, Miss Piggy and Kermit were asked about the charge by reporters.

Kermit tried to make light of the situation, the story notes. "I can tell you that’s categorically not true. And besides, if we had a problem with oil companies, why would we have spent the entire film driving around in a gas-guzzling Rolls-Royce?" he said, according to the story.

Miss Piggy was more direct. "It’s almost as laughable as accusing Fox News as, you know, being news," she responded, the piece notes. The audience of journalists received her comment with "great applause," the story adds.

Here’s a clip:


  1. The answer from Ms. Piggy seems to validate Eric Bolling’s hypothesis. It’s a typical debating tactic of those that know they don’t have an answer for someone’s question, attack the person or person’s asking the question. If you know that a question or statement is the truth, and you have no answer for it, attack the person asking the question. From Ms. Piggy’s answer, one must deduce that Mr. Bolling was correct.

  2. Yes, Skeptical Observer, that’s right, just like Newt did when he attacked the CNN moderator the other night.
    The only difference is that one of these scenerios will make a difference in the lives of many people and the other are COMEDIC QUIPS FROM PUPPETS, YOU IDIOT!

  3. Tim, your comment is a perfect example of attacking the other person instead of answering their questions or comments. Name calling (…”YOU IDIOT”)is another way to try to get out of difficult situations. It’s sad you won’t address the question but have to resort to name calling and attacking the questioner. But that is what you have to do if you know you have no answer to the question.

  4. Come on! The Muppets have made fun of everything in society since Jim Henson launched The Muppet Show in the mid-70’s. It is what has made them successful for nearly 40 years. Bolling’s role is to find somethign that can start a debate and get Fox news and his show attention. The Muppets are no more dangerous than Fox News or MSNBC.

  5. Dear Skeptical Observer,
    You accuse me of avoiding the question and yet your paranoid statement contains no question. Which reinforces my statement of you being an idiot. Funny that anyone else can tell you are an idiot by reading that you are worried that a piece of cloth covered foam rubber is going to undermine Fox News.
    Trust me, Observer, they can do that all by themselves.

  6. “Lashes out”? Really? This is a foam puppet who lets you know when she is lashing out at you — bu literally giving you a karate chop.
    This was a funny quip about making a mountain out a of molehill, and acknowledging the elephant in the room that so many in the media seem to want to deny — that Fox News is manufactured and highly stylized news, fronting a political agenda. Um, duh?

  7. The question is was Mr. Bolling’s assertion “that the Muppets were trying to brainwash children into hating corporate America” true or false. The answer was never addressed by Ms. Piggy or any of the other comments above. All that has been done is to attack the person(s) pointing that out and use name calling to try to silence them. I don’t know, from personal experience, the answer to Mr. Bolling’s assertion. I do know from knowledge of debating techniques that if the question or assertion is not answered, the reason is the person (or organization such as Sesame Street), doesn’t want to answer the question or assertion because the question or assertion is true. If it was not true, than Sesame Street would have issued a statement refuting Mr. Bolling’s assertion. They would not have resorted to using an iconic puppet character to attack the person asking the question.

  8. I think the point is that the assertion itself was ridiculous. It’s a depressing trend among conservatives, who feel the need to register their offesne at anyone who suggests that greed isn’t a good trait, or that people should (gasp) be charitable and generous toward one another. Apparently the Golden Rule is now anti-American, according to the Right — even the Christian pundits. How does one even answer that? Shaking one’s head in disbelief seems to be the more appropriate response.

  9. Miles…your post in itself is a ridiculous response. In fact the “right” donates more to charity than any other group. It is true that both “sides” seem overly sensitive on just about any issue these days…..but I do think it would be a breath of fresh air to see the antagonist of a story coming from a stereotypical left point of view.

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