Newt Gingrich’s Use of Iconic Song During Campaign Gets Him Sued

Jan 31, 2012  •  Post A Comment

Republican hopeful Newt Gingrich is being sued over his alleged unauthorized use of a Grammy-winning song during his presidential campaign, Bloomberg reports.

The song is "Eye of the Tiger," well-known from its appearance in "Rocky III." Rude Music, which is owned by a co-author of the song, sued Gingrich Monday in federal court in Chicago, seeking to keep him from using the song at campaign rallies and asking for unspecified monetary damages, the story notes.

“Newt 2012’s and Mr. Gingrich’s unauthorized public performance or inducement of or contribution to the public performance of the copyrighted work infringes Rude Music’s copyright,” the lawsuit alleges.

"Eye of the Tiger," released in 1982, was also nominated for an Academy Award and topped U.S. pop music charts. It was performed by the rock band Survivor.

A representative for Gingrich’s campaign didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment, the story notes.

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  1. The absurd notion that liberals promote a “culture of victimizat­ion” is one of the clearest examples of right-wing projection I’ve ever witnessed. The ENTIRE conservati­ve movement is built on feeling sorry for themselves and claiming they’re the victims of nefarious forces (the “liberal media”, “liberal academia”, “liberal teacher’s unions”, “liberal PC culture”, “liberal secularist­s”, the “liberal ACLU, etc.) Noticing a pattern here? The left is far, far weaker than the right in America, and yet, they’ve built up this all-purpos­e liberal bogeyman / straw-man to blame all its failures on.

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