Sheen Says It’s Time to Pull Plug on ‘Two and a Half Men’

Jan 25, 2012  •  Post A Comment

While hawking his new show, FX’s "Anger Management," at NATPE, Charlie Sheen declared that "Two and a Half Men" should come to an end this year, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

"I don’t think [‘Two and a Half Men’] should go on past this year. I just think that people are there because there’s nowhere else to go," he said.

As for his replacement, Ashton Kutcher, Sheen said, "Hats off to [Ashton] for doing the best job that he can. I don’t think that he’s working with the best writing because [Chuck Lorre is] doing too many shows. He and Jon [Cryer] and Angus [T. Jones] deserve better material."

Regarding his new show, Sheen was all positive. "We [on ‘Anger Management’] will not disappoint. At this stage of the game, to deliver a turd? It’s not going to happen. It’s going to be an absolute f—in’ rocket ship to the moon."


  1. Well, I’ve never watched a single episode of Two and a Half Men in my life, but I’d have to say that with the ratings that show is pulling in (especially AFTER what’s-his-name left) that the viewers of that show couldn’t disagree more about when the show should end.
    This has nothing to do with the quality of the show….it’s eyeballs. Maybe the show is crap and the writing is bad but the show is satisfying goal #1 (sell ads) and goal #2 (keep people watching so you can keep the advertisers happy).
    Old what’s-his-name wants the show to fail because he’s not there, so I wouldn’t call him a completely unbiased opinion concerning the writing or production values of the show.

  2. Look the show is terrible without Charlie even on his worse day he out shines Ashton. I don;t watch it at all gave it a chance and it stunk..

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