Another Part of Oprah’s Empire May Be in Trouble

Feb 9, 2012  •  Post A Comment

Oprah Winfrey is focusing on turning around her new cable network OWN, but another Winfrey-branded project might need some attention. O, the Oprah Magazine, has seen a 32% plunge in newsstand sales, reports the New York Post.

Sales fell to 413,363 copies in the second half of 2011, down from 608,212 a year earlier, when her syndicated talk show was still on the air before ending its run in May 2011, the story points out. The sales figures represent the first six-month period without Winfrey having broadcast TV exposure, the article notes.

Total circulation also slipped, with customers declining 5% to 2.38 million, the piece adds.

“We knew that the turn away from the syndicated show would remove what was in effect a daily promotion for the magazine,” David Carey, president of O publisher Hearst Magazines, said, according to the story. The company plans to rely more on subscriptions, he said.

Winfrey’s magazine wasn’t alone in its trouble at newsstands. Overall newsstand sales fell 10%, the story notes, marking the third consecutive year of declines.

The story adds: “Of the top 25 glossy magazines in the country, all but four posted newsstand sale declines in the second half of 2011, according to the latest figures released yesterday by the Audit Bureau of Circulations.”


  1. maybe it has more to do with the fact that Oprah didn’t lose her entire media empire when Oprah made racist comments while Paula Deen was publicly crucified by the media for some word she supposedly said. this is another one sided debate where liberal feminism silences exposure of unequal one sided hate that is kept going by someone as powerful as Oprah. Oprah made her empire off the incomes of white people AND black people but mostly White Americans and if Paula Deen is going to be removed from television and have her empire taken away then Oprah should receive nothing less for the same Anti-white sentiment she harbors. otherwise you are not being equal. you are discriminating in favor of some angry black woman who wasn’t even alive during the days of black slavery and forgets that it was free WHITE people CHRISTIANS AT THAT that helped FREE the black slaves and by the way, blacks didn’t earn their own freedom, we fought for them to be free but they have yet to gain their independence and you don’t do that by living off of those you hate. that is discrimination. yes Oprah discriminates and people are now calling her a liar because she is one. you can’t stop the truth from being seen.

  2. but you must also understand that in a republic, a FREE CHRISTIAN NATION like ours here in the United States we are free to oppose or be in opposition of the views of others.

    Hypocrisy and contradictions make for lousy offense defensive strategies.

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