‘Biggest Loser’ Contestants Pay a Price for Walking Off Set

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NBC’s "The Biggest Loser" has eliminated two contestants who walked off the set in protest, reports TMZ.com. The story doesn’t say which contestants have been let go from the show.

As previously reported, the remaining contestants on the weight-loss competition walked off after learning the producers were considering bringing back previous competitors.

Production has resumed since the walk-off, with producers considering using the mutiny as a twist in the show, the story adds.

NBC has declined to comment, according to the article.


  1. I say boot the entire cast of ungrateful sourpusses from the show and *reboot* with some earnest folks with a penchant for bettering themselves who are grateful for the privilege of being coached by tier-one trainers.
    NBC took a terrific program that afforded us inspirational, high-integrity people whom we enjoyed rooting for as they transformed their lives *and torpedoed it* into a veritable Lord of the Flies, replete with conniving, whining, pig-headed human beings rooting in the dramatic sludge of reality TV — wallowing in the messes they create as these bitter pills (Conda, Jeremy, Cruella Kim, Chism, his shameful father et al) blame others for their self-imposed misery.
    Conda’s suggestion she wanted to physically kick a fellow contestant was appalling! And this woman’s a Mother! What sour, racist souls. I’m disgusted that so many well-intentioned viewers have had to endure the toxicity of this season and its juvenile cast of characters.
    I feel cheated. I’ll watch to see whom they booted, but the balance of the black team was complicit in this ugliness, and deserve to be gone as well.
    NBC did the right thing in getting get rid of two of those losers, but frankly, these whiners should all be replaced with people who are on TBL in the true spirit of the show — to work toward a healthier, more productive quality of life.

  2. I hope it’s Conda and chismo or that other young guy who got switched with Conda last weeek. They ruined the season.

  3. I’m so very happy I have no idea what or who you are discussing!

  4. I’m with you on that one, REALITYCHECK! Forgetting my natural, primal dislike for just about any programming that calls itself “reality” when it is, in fact, staged BS that’s about as “real” as a Vegas stripper’s boobs this show in particular only has to be on screen for 30 seconds or less before I can actually feel my IQ dropping rapidly. It at least gets a few points for truth-in-advertising: there are some real losers on that show. Uplifting? Inspirational? I find it difficult to be inspired by a series where the only thing I find “uplifting” is the number of jelly donuts most of the contestants have probably lifted into their whiny pie holes before they fired up the cameras. If you really find this series “inspirational” then I truly do weep for you and your obviously miserable life.
    I find it amazing that so many people allow themselves to get suckered in by manipulative dreck like this show. Bollywood movies make more sense than this trash. This whole genre has ruined television as a medium. I’d like to start a campaign demanding that anyone paying for cable, satellite, etc. receive rebates based upon how many channels promise to be one thing (like History, for example) and actually give us reality shows about pawn shops. Which is truly ironic because even basic cable costs so much anymore that you have to pay a visit to a pawn shop to bay the bill for all these channels who wedge the one hour of a series worth watching between 12 hours of hillbillies, whores and eyesores.
    If I were given the job of punishing child rapists & serial murderers and the only criteria was that I couldn’t kill them or even touch them physically, I’d give them 130 TV channels, all of them playing BIGGEST LOSER and also leave a bedsheet noose behind. I guarantee a 100% suicide rate within the first 24 hours. They’d do it now but someone claimed it was “cruel & unusual punishment” to make someone already locked down 23 hours a day to watch “Biggest Loser”.
    One of these posts actually called the contestants who walked “ungrateful”. Ungrateful?! First of all, the producers are the ungrateful ones for kicking ANYONE off their flabfest. If ANYTHING, these contestants should all be given their own Krispy Kreme franchises for giving them a great “twist” for the season that they will be able to promote the hell out of!

  5. They should think themselves lucky they have been given a wonderful opportunity to change their lives around and live healthy….. But they threw it away! How selfish! Someone more appreciative will jump at the chance to have all that free help.

  6. I have to say that I love The Biggest Loser, which is why I blog about it every week,but the contestants this season have left something to be desired. There are 2 that are the worst and I think that if it were those 2 that were removed the show should get back on track and be better.
    It is a really good show that has helped a lot of people. I am friends with a lot of them and I know how much it has changed their lives.
    It may have some drama but it IS a tv show so that is to be expected.
    I can’t wait to see what happens with those 2 gone 🙂

  7. That was funny, really funny.

  8. I hope that bring back at-home contestants and kick these horrible people off. That would be a great twist and keep this crap from happening again. They should be grateful but this group is the worst yet.

  9. I have watched every season of the show and loved it. I also got my friends into the show, however the drama has been increasing for several seasons and just exploded this season. I think the producers have a LOT more to do with it than we realize, both through editing and staging! What they ARE NOT getting is that the people that love this show are HATING all the evil attitudes, plots, and bulling.I stopped watching the show. I liked serviver the first season and that was enough. I liked the fact that people got a chance to change their life! I had gastric bypass, am a nurse, and have a lot of experience in psych and I could write a book on how the world is so different for fat people. The only problem is I lost mine the WRONG WAY. I had to finally have my surgery reversed but a lot of my health issues remain still. This show was a great show of 2nd chances. it was very uplifting and motivating to get up and eat right and exercize no matter of your size,age, health, excuses. It is a real shame that in a world of so many obese people, that it was not enough to leave a good thing alone!!!

  10. BLViewerinSD – Exactly!

  11. Wow, that race card sure does come out easily doesn’t it?
    Otherwise, agree with the rest.

  12. They have always brought back past contestants. Maybe not this late in the game but it is a “GAME” as much as it is for their health. If they were the eliminated contestant, they would love to have that chance to get back into the game. I don’t understand how they could get mad enough to leave this amazing opportunity. They deserve kicked for their actions and bring back past contestants in their places… that’ll show’em lol

  13. I say bring them back after all it is a game and everyone should have a chance to try and be the biggest loser, they have bought contestents back in previous epidodes, so maybe the people that are on there now will work abit harder to lose their weight to gain thier goals, nothing like a bit of competition to get you moving, stop your whining, lest we forget along the way you have won $$$ and prizes and makeovers and clothes and most likely will gain endorsments after the show among other things so stop the belly aching and play the game!!!! the most important thing you all have won on this show is your heath back and added more years to your life and your families

  14. I so totally agree with you! I certainly hope that one of the two kicked off is Conda. She has been misrable and nasty since the beginning, starting back when she had that one on one exercise with the other girl and the winner got lunch from the loser and she claimed the other girl cheated! Everytime I reran it and watched it, it looked like it was CONDA that “cheated”. That nasty attitude is unnecessary and she should be ashamed of herself for being a poor sport and an embarrassment to herself and her family! I hope shelarns, but I don’t think she will. She will find a way to blame it on someone else.

  15. You are a sad, sad person.

  16. I think that some of the gaming played by the producers is bull crap. Those were were eliminated are just that eliminated. They should not be let come back until the end like in previous seasons. But I think that is bull to cause some of those who came back obviously hired there own personel trainers. What looks fair on the surface is not really fair. Hollywood is a bunch of sicko’s. The producers.

  17. “race card” is a term used loosely by bigots and or oblivious fools.

  18. A “race card” is a shield behind which uneducated people lacking the ability to understand the circumstances produced by years of aggravated assault and discrimination. When a population of people is a victim to slavery for over 300 years, then deals with the repercussions of it for the next 100, which brings us to the present day, they/we have a right to discuss RACE all we want. Personally, I welcome empathy, but discourage the ignorance of those who dismiss the disparity in treatment of people who differ ever to slightly by superficial qualities such as the color of their skin, labeling expressions of their grief as “playing the race card.”

  19. These people should 1) watch past episodes (2) read their contracts and (3) quit their whining and bulling.
    Every year that I can remember the show has bought people back. Hearing Condas’ brother complain that “it wasn’t fair that someone hadn’t worked as hard as he had and would have a chance ro win…?????what? How does he know? If the returning contestant lost the weight without the benefit of trainers, an atomsphere totally oriented to them losing weight (no working, complete access to a gym, a team to support them) and an array of healthy foods managed to loose more weight than on campus contestants then good for them! After all, all eliminated contestants have a contact that says they have a chance to come back. Hello??? Stop feeling sorry for these nasty, whiny ungrateful people!I stopped caring about this group when they were so nasty to the african-american brother and sister who came back, they earned their it and were treated horribly. What poor sports!
    I don’t hink Conda or her brother has lost enough weight to deserve to win Biggest Loser.
    When this group wanted to walk they should have let them. The two guys who left were on track (with Kim) to win it so now there is less competition for our dear Conda….seems there is some gameplay afoot with the remaining contestants. Just “food” for thought my darlings.

  20. Mark & Buddy took everything they could from the show to completely change their lives around. They thank the show, the trainers & everything else by quitting like a couple of 3 year olds that haven’t got their way. If I was a spouse & had my husband/wife quit near the end like that after being gone for 4 months, I think I would have to rethink my marrage. – Nice example to teach your kids you aholes. Did you hold your breath until you turned blue on the way to the airport?

  21. Also – In the past, families, schools & sometimes practically entire towns have backed these contestants.
    All of a sudden you have a couple of guys show up just because they didn’t like the way something was going?
    What do they say to these people? I didn’t like something so I quit? – Grow up you guys.
    It would have been interesting if those homecomings could have been filmed.

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