Sony Deal Locks in Future of ‘Breaking Bad’

Feb 9, 2012  •  Post A Comment

The creative force behind AMC’s award-winning drama "Breaking Bad" has signed a new overall deal with Sony Pictures TV, reports Deadline.com.

Vince Gilligan’s contract is for 18 months, retroactive to November 2011. He has been working without a contract since his previous one expired.

The deal firms up plans for the show’s remaining run. The contract covers the final 16 episodes of "Breaking Bad," in which the saga of Walter White will come to a conclusion. They’ll be filmed in two batches of eight episodes each.

After he wraps up work on "Breaking Bad," Gilligan will tackle other projects under the Sony arrangement.

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  1. This guy is AWESOME! Glad he got a final season. He’s smart to wrap it up before it goes on for too long and gets tired. I think at one point after season 2 finale he said he saw it probably going 4 seasons but I’m glad theres still enough story left to do a fifth. Best drama since Boomtown. And Bryan Cranston from Malcolm in the middle being on here is AWESOME!. What first made me want to watch this is that “hal” was cooking meth. I watched the first 3 episodes, nothing like hal, but just as awesome!Watching the end of season 4, it was awesome! Thats what I love about this show. The quality has remained consistent. Season 4 finale was just as awesome as the pilot. This show has remained awesome. Hope the how continues to remain just as awesome, and not start to take a dip, unlike dexter, season 6 was just garbage!like dexter i mean. season 5 was kinda good, idk, but 6 was awful. if they would have ended after season 4, think of the legacy. just awesome! or they should have at least ended after season 5. man, season 6 was just SOOOOOO boring. anyway, hopefully breaking bad has an amazing last episode. the greatest last episode of all time is the last episode of malcolm in the middle. but i think breaking bad might just take its place. we’ll see

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