Fox News Attacks Activist Group, With MSNBC Caught in Crosshairs

Feb 16, 2012  •  Post A Comment

A battle between Fox News Channel and the activist group Media Matters for America is heating up, according to The Hollywood Reporter, and Fox News rival MSNBC is being dragged into it.

Media Matters boss David Brock has made no secret of his desire to bring down Fox News, with the group launching the website DropFox.com to help get advertisers to shun the cable news channel.

THR reports that recently “Fox News has been fighting back with ammunition supplied by The Daily Caller, which has been running a multi-part expose on Media Matters that includes allegations that it coordinates its message with the White House, a no-no for a tax-exempt organization that claims to be nonpartisan. Republican lawmakers are already looking into the issue.”

Also among the allegations against Media Matters, the story reports, is a claim that the organization writes scripts for MSNBC — along with an accusation that Media Matters has created an enemies list designed to embarrass Fox News employees.

Fox host Sean Hannity is quoted in the story responding to news of the enemies list on his show Wednesday: “If they have an enemies list and they collaborate with the White House, does it mean the White House may have an enemies list? By the way, my name was on the list. Shocking.”

Hannity also fired a warning shot at the competition at NBC and MSNBC. THR quotes him saing: “How does NBC get out of this? Because the next installment — they said it publicly and I spoke to the guys at The Daily Caller — the next installment is they’re going to show examples: Media Matters wrote this, and this is the script on NBC News.”


  1. Your headline could have easily been titled “Activist Fox Attacks Group” See how even you help perpetrate the news slant.

  2. That is quite interesting. Now I am beginning to better understand the “slant” that so many conservatives attempt to discuss (often with their self-hating bile). This “article” is neither “fair” nor “balanced,” just like Faux “News.”

  3. Hey look everybody!
    Fox just caught another red herring!

  4. It’s interesting to note that the substance of the article is not addressed by the comments made by “ramuno,” “Mike Oxlong,” and “Tim.” They choose to spew the rhetoric of their “Team Left” which is diametrically opposed to “Team Right.” I’m sure if “Team Right” were behind the actions of a group similar to Media Matters, ramuno, Mike and Tim would be screaming rage from the rooftops.
    Sadly, what’s lost here is the fact that IF a group like Media Matters is engaged in the despicable and unprofessional acts reported, our country is in a serious condition.

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