Apple Misstep? Would Jobs Have Let This Happen? Company Debuts New iPad, but Doesn’t Have a Name for It Other Than ‘New iPad’

Mar 8, 2012  •  Post A Comment

The Apple police were all aTwitter yesterday, complaining that Apple’s latest iteration of its popular iPad doesn’t appear to have a name other than "new iPad," CNN reports.

According to the story, "At the pep rally where Apple debuted its third-generation tablet computer, one question was on everyone’s lips: So, what do we call this thing? The answer, according to an Apple spokesman: ‘It’s just ‘iPad.’ It’s what it is.’ "

The article adds, "The longer Apple execs talked about the tablet computer’s new features — better screen, faster connection — without actually giving it a name, the more anxious the People of the Internet became. ‘Come on Apple, name it already, one person wrote. ‘Is it an Anonymous iPad?’ asked another. Tech writer Omar Gallaga: ‘Screw it, I’m just going to call it ‘Lover.’ ‘ "

The story continues, " ‘So this is the ‘New iPad,’ ‘ said Nick Bilton, a tech writer for The New York Times. ‘Is the next one going to be called the ‘New-New iPad’? Where do they go from there?’ "

CNN tried talking to a different Apple spokesperson to get a name: " ‘It’s the new iPad. What are you talking about?’ another Apple spokeswoman said, as if it’s common for updated devices to come out with the same names as their predecessors."


  1. It’s called the iPad 2s 🙂

  2. If the “S” in the iPhone4s is for Siri, then it’s an iPad2Sans-s”

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