Barry Diller’s Aereo Files Counterclaim, Tells Local TV Stations the Service Is ‘Entirely Lawful’

Mar 13, 2012  •  Post A Comment

Barry Diller’s Aereo pay-television service countered a lawsuit filed by the owners of New York’s local TV stations, stating in a counterclaim that the service is "entirely lawful," reports Adweek.com.

"Consumers use the Aereo Technology to do no more than what they are entitled to do: access local television broadcasts on the public airwaves using an individual antenna; create unique copies of that broadcast content for their own personal use; and play back their unique recordings to their televisions or other viewing devices for the personal use," according to the counterclaim, the story notes.

As previously reported, billionaire Diller said at a conference that he expects a "great fight" with traditional media companies over Aereo, which allows consumers to watch broadcast TV on mobile devices for $12 per month.


  1. The networks will definitely win this one. Barry Diller needs to pick a different fight. Broadcast networks are dying anyway – so Aereo, even if they won, is not long for this world. Perhaps Mr. Diller needs to retire and just go fishing.

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