‘CBS Has Called Three Times,’ Says New Owner of Andy Rooney’s Typewriter

Mar 12, 2012  •  Post A Comment

A man who collects typewriters used by famous people, whose collection also includes machines used by John Lennon and Joe DiMaggio, succeeded in purchasing Andy Rooney’s typewriter at an estate sale, and says that CBS has been calling him asking him for the device, reports The Daily New Canaan.

Steve Soboroff of Los Angeles arranged the purchase by contacting a Connecticut real estate agent and asking him to negotiate the purchase of the typewriter owned by the "60 Minutes" commentator, according to the story.

"I’m a real estate person, and I know real estate brokers are very friendly people that work on commission, so I called one cold," Soboroff said, according to the story. Chris Buswell, the agent called by Soboroff, happened to live just a few doors down from Rooney, the piece adds.

"We decided to make an offer that I guess they couldn’t refuse," Buswell said of the negotiation. The typewriter was sold for several thousand dollars, although the article doesn’t specify the price.

"Meanwhile, CBS has called three times asking for the typewriter," Soboroff noted, according to the story.

Soboroff believes that he owns one of two typewriters owned by Rooney, who died in November at 92. The second typewriter is held at the Smithsonian Institution, the piece adds.

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