‘Game Change’ Scores Big for HBO

Mar 13, 2012  •  Post A Comment

“Game Change,” the television movie based on the emergence of Sarah Palin in the 2008 presidential race, was the most watched original film on HBO in almost eight years, reports Entertainment Weekly.

The Saturday 9 p.m. premiere of the movie attracted an average audience of 2.1 million viewers — the best number for an original movie on HBO since the 2004 telefilm "Something the Lord Made," starring Alan Rickman and Mos Def, averaged 2.6 million viewers.

HBO reported that 3.6 million viewers tuned in overall for the movie’s four airings over the weekend.


  1. That’s only 1% of the population – most likely those predisposed to hating Mrs. Palin after the smear campaign of those who fear her. Seriously, why do they still hound someone four years after the fact. I doubt if the framers had this in mind when creating the first amendment. I guess the left wants to make sure she can never run for public office – pretty sad when you also consider their overwhelming love for a guy that is systematically destroying commerce and religion in this country.

  2. You’re delusional.

  3. The fact that you have “west coast” in your signature, shows me your bias. You probably live in Nancy Pelosi’s district…
    But in case you really think so (and are not a mindless drone of the area you live), prove me wrong…

  4. I’m sorry but the only reason I would ever “fear” Palin is if she ever wound up in a position of power ever again because she is a complete and total idiot. The reason the left can’t seem to get over her and leave her alone is because she doesn’t go the f**k away! But it’s not important because she doesn’t want to run for office again (she bailed early during her first term as Alaska Governor). She’s getting too much money & attention to actually run for anything.
    And if you want to see who’s responsible for tanking our economy, look at the previous President and the current Republican members of Congress who refuse to pass ANYTHING if Obama agrees with it, even bills that the Republicans WANT. They have shown again and again that they are willing to throw the entire country under the bus for the simple reason that their guy didn’t win the election. They acted like spoiled brats all through the Clinton administration and they’ve upped their game to act like complete bitches during the Obama administration. Now you’re all pissed off because your side can’t find a candidate that’s worth a crap to run in November but I’m sure you and the others like you will find some way to blame THAT on the Democrats as well.
    For the record, I’m registered Independent because I think both sides need to grow the f**k up and do what they were elected to do – represent the people. Far as I’m concerned, we should dump the whole lot into a rocket aimed at the sun and start from scratch.

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