Lady Gaga Makes Surprise Announcement During Oprah Winfrey Interview

Mar 16, 2012  •  Post A Comment

Lady Gaga tells Oprah Winfrey in an interview scheduled to air Sunday on OWN that their discussion will be her last public conversation "for a very long time," according to The Hollywood Reporter’s Earshot blog.

"No press, no television, if my mom calls and says, ‘Did you hear about …’ I shut it all off," the singer told Winfrey, according to the story.

"It’s an interesting turn, given how much she has relied on relentless media coverage not just to build up the mythology and hype around her songs and always-costumed persona, but to advocate on behalf of the causes that she holds so dear," the story points out.


  1. Good – that talentless fool should keep her yap shut forever. Seriously, she put herself in that egg she rode in on and stay there. Oh, and take that meat dress with you. FREAK!

  2. She’s very talented and doesn’t need all the gimicks. She’ll make it just fine without all that.

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