Non-TV Podcast of the Day: A Huge Pocketbook Issue

Mar 27, 2012  •  Post A Comment

Just a reminder about the podcast of the day. It’s about a huge pocketbook issue that will affect practically all Americans.

Today, at the United States Supreme Court, arguments will be made as to whether or not the government can force Americans to pay for health insurance. It is the core of the healthcare law passed by the U.S. Congress two years ago.

Wherever you stand on the issue, the arguments made in the court today promise to make compelling listening.Click here  to find the audio link on the offical site of the U.S. Supreme Court. Once posted, you’ll be able to hear the entire two hours of arguments made in the court today.

If you click here, you can listen to arguments the court heard yesterday about the healthcare law. Those arguments were of a much more technical nature than those that will be heard today.  

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