OMG. Stop Reading This Immediately and Get to Your Nearest Convenience Store. Mega Millions Drawing on Friday Will Be for an ALL TIME Record — Jackpot Will Be Close to Half a Billion Dollars. Plus — a Wild True Lotto Story

Mar 28, 2012  •  Post A Comment

With no winner for Tuesday night’s jackpot of $363 million, Friday’s Mega Millions lottery drawing will be worth a record amount — close to half a billion dollars, the Philadelphia Inquirer reports.

Says the article, "The annuity jackpot rocketed to $476 million for Friday night’s drawing — obliterating the old U.S. mark of $390 million set by Mega Millions in March 2007."

Furthermore, the story notes, if there is a winner on Friday, and that person picks the cash option, that amount will also be a record: $341 million. That cash amount, says the article, is "$101 million more than the second-biggest cash jackpot ever, the $240 million reached by Mega Millions in January last year."

Some fun stats, according to the article: "If piled in a single stack of $1 bills, the cash windfall [if someone wins on Friday] could start at the bottommost spot of the ocean and still tower above Mount Everest. If paid at the rate of $1 every minute, the payout would take more than 600 years."

Speaking of the lottery, check out this wild story about a disputed winning lottery ticket in Mourtain View, Calif. This news report is from KPIX in San Francisco:

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