Report: Matt Lauer Will Get $25 Million a Year to Stay at ‘Today’

Mar 8, 2012  •  Post A Comment

NBC apparently wants to keep Matt Lauer on the network’s successful morning show. The network hasn’t made an official announcement yet, but Newsday reports that NBC and Lauer are closing in on a multiyear deal that will keep the “Today” host in place for about $25 million a year.

NBC is not commenting on the report.

The story says the deal — which is probably for two years but may be for three — is likely to become official before May upfronts, and possibly much sooner.

Verne Gay writes in Newsday: “This deal, which is expected to happen, is huge, needless to say. Foremost, it keeps the ship steady, and with Matt aboard, ‘GMA’s’ granular assault on the show’s ratings supremacy remains just that — granular. Moreover, keeping Matt means any sort of uncertainty is erased by the time the Olympics roll around: Both ‘Today’ and the Os have a richly symbiotic relationship, and to imperil that at this point would be detrimental to new owner Comcast.”

The story says the $25 million represents about an $8 million bump in pay for Lauer.


  1. Wow. Really? All he does is act smug, argue, and not listen to one word his guest has to say. For that kind of money, I hope he’s working real hard on a cure for pancreatic cancer…

  2. Why on Gods green earth would anyone stay with a netwok that is going down sure 25 mil a year but the way its gong miggt not last a year!!

  3. Matt Lauer and his agent played hard ball with the network and won. The whole Ryan Seacrest joining today was probably a ploy that the network utilized in getting Mr. Lauer to re-sign and although it may have worked, they had to open the vault to pay him what he wanted. “Mean while in the ‘Halls of Justice,'” it appears as though Mr. Seacrest never had a chance and will remain at “E,” “FOX,” and the new Mark Cuban rebranding venture that is now “HD NET.” In short: Everyone wins.

  4. Hmmmnnn … NBC continues to waste money on the “strangest” of things. No way Lauer is wirth an annual salary payment of $25 million.

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