Sarah Palin Comments On Rush Limbaugh Controversy. Since Palin and Her Family Have Had Vile Things Said About Them, How Does She Feel About Limbaugh Calling a Law Student a ‘Slut’? Palin’s Reaction Might Surprise You

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CNN caught up with Sarah Palin in Alaska today, and CNN’s Wolf Blitzer wanted to know Palin’s thoughts about the Rush Limbaugh controversy, especially since Palin herself has been subjected to vile comments in the past.

Limbaugh has been in the eye of the storm for calling a Georgetown law student "a slut" and "a prostitute" when she testified before Congress about the difficulties in obtaining contraception through school channels and said public assistance would help.

Here’s what Palin said: "I think the definition of hypocrisy is for Rush Limbaugh to have been called out, forced to apologize, and retract what it is he said in exercising his First Amendment rights, and never is that same applied to the leftist radicals who say such horrible things about the handicapped, about women, about the defenseless. So I think that’s the definition of hypocrisy. And that’s my two cents worth."

To read our story about the reaction of advertisers and some radio stations to Limbaugh’s remarks, please click here.


  1. Has this world gone COMPLETLY insane ??!!1st amendment rights have left the building. You have to say what people want to hear, and not what YOU want to say. For goodness sake, this girl is studying to be a lawyer, what do you think will come out of HER mouth at trail? I’ll say this, I’d like to put a bug on the President, and Congress for a day, and hear what political correctness is really all about !! FWIW, I do not like Limbaugh

  2. I doubt Rush will give in to the leftist demands, and he shouldn’t! Who got the perfect tongue, who is perfect? Rush is an entertainer, same as Bill Maher, who is an unrepentant tolerate on his repeatedly sexual bashings of Sarah Palin and her children…go figure!! How about go after Maher? How about go after Al Sharpton for his bigotry remarks? and a whole hosts of hyprocrital unrepentant leftists

  3. Palin, Rush, and their apologists seem to fundamentally misunderstand the 1st amendment. Acting like a petulant child, Rush has spouted foul and abusive language. No one censored his speech. No 1st amendment rights were violated.
    Nothing in the 1st amendment absolves the speaker from the consequences of their speech. Many sensible adults figuratively wash a foul speaking child’s mouth with soap. Many sensible advertisers and station managers are walking away from Rush until he learns to be an adult, as is THEIR right. That’s the free marketplace most conservatives beg for.

  4. OMG
    First of all, if you have to excuse your own behavior, or the behavior of an ally by talking about the actions of another (the lefties say things we don’t like – it’s not fair!) then you are an idiot.
    Second of all, the entire right wing has, over the last 5 years or so, been showing more of their true colors:
    – Hate
    – Anger
    – Fear
    – Double standards
    – Abject stupidity
    Up until the start of this presidential campaign they were only mostly displaying the first 4 – the fact that they would do so openly in this day and age was more than disgusting enough BTW – but then they made it OK …
    By directing the same vile insanity inward on themselves.
    Rhetoric on the loony right (that somehow found its way into the heart of mainstream) is up to feeding-frenzy levels and in that environment, RL’s comments probably sounded fine to him, when he said them.
    I don’t know why people are either complaining, or surprised. The guy is a d1ck – what do you expect?
    Apparently some people didn’t know.
    I don’t consider myself “left” but I can tell you one thing:
    I can’t remember the last time I heard anyone on the right speak when I wasn’t thinking
    “Go on, say something CRAZY. You KNOW you want to!!!!”
    This leaves us with “Option B” in the 2 party system. Yay democracy …. oh, wait a minute.

  5. Nice post “Kid”
    All rhetoric – No examples.
    Hard to rebutt when there is no substance.
    Typical of the Left

  6. The way it looks is that no 1st Amendment rights were violated.
    Rush spouted his crap as per his rights. The advertisers said I’m not supporting that and took their money elsewhere as per their rights.
    And, in order to stem the outflow of money and stations dropping his show, Rush pretended to apologize as per his rights.
    No one was forced to do anything.
    Further emphasizing what a moron Palin actually is.
    As “The Other Kid Started It” said, you are just witnessing the true under belly of the extremists on the right that are now in control of the party.
    It only stands for power and money, not what is good for the country or the vast majority of the people in it.
    Those people, BTW, are a majority conservative and liberal MODERATES.
    We are no longer represented because we don’t have the money.

  7. Anyone on here who doesn’t think Rush was wrong has no understanding of the 1st Amendment. There are two simple terms which are NOT protected by the 1st Amendment; they are libel and slander.
    Rush is an idiot (that’s called “slander” for those of you who are just as stupid as Limbaugh is)

  8. You are right in many ways, Dave.
    Except that saying Rush is an idiot is not slander or libel for 2 reasons. He is a public figure and open for others to have opinions and the other is because it is not slander or libel when he repeatedly proves your assertion that he IS an idiot.
    He, however, should be sued for slander/libel calling the woman a slut and prostitute.

  9. Palin has shown this misunderstanding of the First Amendment before. Rush is free to say what he wants. Clear Channel is free not to broadcast it. So, if Rush is happy exercising his freedom of speech on a street corner some place, fine. Someone else also has the freedom to give an opposing opinion on the opposite street corner.
    By the way, when has the left ever said such things about the handicapped, women and the helpless?

  10. According to Game Change (Saturday on HBO), Palin learned during the 2008 campaign that saying whatever pleased the crowd, even if it wasn’t true, was a real crowd pleaser. Her first amendment comment is another example of that.

  11. Don’t worry about what the left has said jsm1963. The right has yet to grasp humor and satire. After all, Rush himself said that what he said about Ms Fluke was a “joke”.

  12. I don’t listen to Rush, even though I don’t believe abortion should be used for birth control, yet convicted murderers shouldn’t get the death penalty. One of many hypocrisies of the Democrat party. That being said – a woman announces to the world she wants her sex and she wants someone else to pay for protection justifies the comments against her. Especially when Target sells B/C pills for $9 a month. If you can’t afford the contraception or the results from not using it, abstain or get a side job while at school to pay for it. If it is needed for some other ailment, then make it available along with any other legitimate prescriptions. Believe me, I’m not about overpopulating the planet, in fact I think many women should have their tubes tied as well as vasectomies for irresponsible men. Nothing is free. If she’s paying tuition and the birth control is provided in an insurance policy from the school, she is paying for it. This whole thing is just a diversion from whether the government has the right to force anyone to do anything regarding any business and what it has to sell its customers, regardless of religion or anything else.

  13. First of all, I sincerely doubt that anyone out there is just using abortion as casual birth control. It is obviously a form of birth control because it prevents a birth but people like Limbaugh would have us believe that “loose” women are lined up at Planned Parenthood with their frequent abortion card in hand (have 10 and the 11th one is FREE!), living these sex filled, carefree lives where they can just skip on over for a quick cleanout of something managed to stick around after last week’s orgy with all those Liberals. Rush thinks the world is full of sex parties like the one in EYES WIDE SHUT and he’s jealous because he never gets invited so the hell with them, cut off their free abortions until he gets an invite!
    Fact is, medications that were originally intended for use as a method of birth control do have other purposes. Would the Church or the Republican Party have the same problem if it were the other way around? What if these medications were re-defined as being used for hormone replacement or other things and it just happens that they also prevent pregnancy?
    And saying that this woman said “she wants her sex and she wants someone else to pay for protection justifies the comments against her” is a flat out misrepresentation of what this woman said. She was actually talking about cases where women needed this medication for other reasons and were still denied by their insurance because it was also used as a form of birth control. Not once did she say that she wanted to have sex 24/7 and have any consequences paid for. I’d really like to know where this 15 year-old boy’s sexual fantasy world exists apart from Rush & the conservative’s imaginations.

  14. As was stated in the news, the pills are only $9. It is all of the people that have insurance that drive the costs up for these small charges. Why can’t people just assume their own problems and take care of them without insisting someone else pay for everything for them. If it’s not covered by your insurance for whatever reason, and you don’t have a job, get one. The reason so many people don’t have jobs are because of government interference and the looming healthcare bill passed by Congress which will take effect in two years. A couple of pages out of the 2000+ have some good ideas, but the rest scares so many people that even AARP (who pushed it being passed) has opted out (along with many constituents of the lawmakers who passed it). Let’s get back to JFK’s speech about helping others than have others help us. Stop being such a greedy nation that does nothing to justify their wants which kill off getting what they really need.

  15. Good for you Tom. I’m sick and tired of having to apologize for going against the mind-set that says “You’re the government and you have to give me whatever I want, because that’s my right”.

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