ABC’s Latest ‘B-Word’ Show Sparks Friction With Affiliates

Apr 12, 2012  •  Post A Comment

Some ABC affiliates are unhappy about the network’s use of an obvious reference to the word "bitch" in its new comedy "Don’t Trust the B—- in Apt. 23," and they’re suggesting that the network find more mainstream show titles, reports B&C.

As we reported yesterday, ABC now has two shows with “B-word” references in their titles, the other one being “GCB” — based on the book “Good Christian Bitches.” A few stations are complaining, mainly about the new show. “Apt. 23” premiered Wednesday night.

"It causes problems with advertisers, and we get phone calls from advertisers and viewers," said Mike Lee, general manager of KXXV-TV in Waco, Texas. "Viewers are mad at the network, so they’re mad at the station because we are ABC in Waco."

While some stations are upset, the network said most don’t have an issue and that it hasn’t heard from a significant number of viewers, the story adds.

"The concern level has been very low," said ABC affiliates board chairman Bill Hoffman. "Let’s see what happens as the show gets some weeks under its belt."

ABC’s other “B-word” show, “GCB,” premiered March 11. The network changed the name "Good Christian Bitches" to "Good Christian Belles" early in development, and then abbreviated the name to "GCB" by the time it went on air. The show’s perceived slights against the religious community have caused more complaints than its name, the article adds.


  1. It’s freaking WACO!?!?
    The place is home to a HUGE Baptist college and the former site of the Branch Davidians.
    Of course they are going to be outraged by the use of the “B” word in a show.
    Television, like life, is about evolving. The shows from the days of our grandparents are different from the shows from the days of our parents, which are different from the shows of us. And the shows our children will watch are going to be different then the shows THEIR children will watch.

  2. Said the guy who obviously has no kids.

  3. I have kids. Ooooh the B word. Much better to see people’s heads get ripped off than see an oblique reference to a word every kid knows by the 3rd grade.

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