Fox Announces Final Season of Series

Apr 27, 2012  •  Post A Comment

Fox had good news and bad news Thursday for fans of a cult series. The good news was that the drama program “Fringe,” from J.J. Abrams, received an order for a 13-episode fifth season, according to The Hollywood Reporter’s Live Feed. The bad news, the story reports, is that season five will be the end of the road for “Fringe.”

The additional order means the science-fiction series will end after 100 episodes, reaching a critical number of installments for syndication for the show’s studio, Warner Bros. TV, the piece points out.

"Bringing it back for a final 13 allows us to provide the climactic conclusion that its passionate and loyal fans deserve," said Fox entertainment chief Kevin Reilly.

The renewal comes after "Fringe" hit ratings lows multiple times this season, with total viewers around 3 million, the piece points out. Despite the low ratings, the show has won critical support and awards, as well as developing a devoted fan base, the story adds.


  1. Hey “Fringe” Producers, Writers, et al, what’s the possibility instead of bringing the series to a concluding “end”, before those last 13 episodes are written for Fox…why not shop it around, like to SyFy or another home? Those of us who love “Fringe” would follow it to the edge of the Universe and the other one, too!

  2. I’m disappointed but not surprised. The series started off strong – loved the writing, the storyline, the strong characters – but it has lost its way this season. I’ve watched every episode, but keep feeling like I’ve missed something.

  3. Agree with Ruth – Fringe is the perfect type of show to continue either on another (smaller) network or on a direct PPV basis via iTunes or cable & satellite?
    C’mon…somebody’s got to be the first??

  4. This show is still on?

  5. Ruth, that can’t be done. Fox has a right to first refusal on a renewal, so it cannot be shopped unless and until Fox has passed on it. Even if that requirement wasn’t in place, it’s too late now as Fox has cut a deal for the last season. This is entertainment contract law 101 stuff.

  6. Well thanks HG. I’m a creative writer, not an entertainment lawyer.
    Despite what you say, and that your assessment may prevail, I’m going out on a limb here to say that perhaps there’s the “right person” with the “right influence” who can move mountains, change contracts, flip universes, and who knows what else? JJ, if you’re reading this, any thoughts?

  7. And you are not.

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