Judge Throws Out Howard Stern’s $300M Lawsuit

Apr 17, 2012  •  Post A Comment

New York State Supreme Court Judge Barbara R. Kapnick today ordered the dismissal of a lawsuit by Howard Stern against his employer Sirius XM, reports TheWrap.com.

Stern and his agent and co-plaintiff Don Buchwald sought more than $300 million in stock bonuses from the company, contending that Sirius XM had incorrectly estimated the growth in subscriptions based on Stern’s radio show and that subscription growth was supposed to be added to Stern’s income in the form of a bonus.

Sirius argued that its deal with Stern did not include a bonus for added XM subscribers.

The judge dismissed Stern’s suit with prejudice, barring him and Buchwald from filing again on the same grounds.

In December 2010, Stern inked a new five-year deal with Sirius.


  1. Stern only thinks of the money…like he’s worth the ridiculous sum they’ve been paying him since he got thrown off broadcast radio.
    It’s good to see that Judge Kapnick took the action she did regarding this lawsuit.
    Stern, (though different), should have a studio next to Rush Limbaugh. Like Rush’s, it has a microphone with a wire leading to nowhere and the door is locked from the outside, keeping him inside forever.
    Peter Bright

  2. Peter,
    I usually agree with you but not on this one.
    If Sirius/XM grew because of Mr. Stern, than they should pay up as he seems to be the driving force (or was) behind the subscriptions.
    Howard Stern has the golden touch. Like him or not, he was never “thrown off” of broadcast radio. He signed a contract with Sirius and departed on his own terms.

  3. Jim,
    Had broadcast really wanted to sustain him, they would have battled with their checkbooks, and then I get it that they were tired of all the drama.
    But your point stands up, but like Howard, I had to voice my opinion.
    Thanks for your responsive note.

  4. Peter: You shouldn’t let your personal feelings toward someone get in the way of the facts. Once he left K-Rock, what happened to their ratings? Right in the toilet. They panicked and put on David Lee Roth, who was absolutely un-listenable, and had to change formats for the entire station at least twice, by my count. You thing they wanted him to leave? Hell, no! Sirius just blew them out of the water, offer-wise. And what did he do? He only saved satellite radio. Without him, both Sirious and XM would have gone away, so for them to not pony up when they would have had nothing is short-sighted and spiteful. If I was them, I would have at least settled, and given him something, because without him, they wouldn’t have jobs.

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