Netflix CEO Reed Hastings Lashes Out at Comcast

Apr 16, 2012  •  Post A Comment

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings fired another volley at Comcast over the weekend, criticizing the cable giant’s policy on net neutrality and data caps, CNet reports.

The story reports: “As he explained on his Facebook page, his complaint is that when Comcast subscribers watch Netflix, Hulu, or HBO Go on their Xbox consoles, it counts against their monthly data limits. However, subscribers who use Xfinity don’t have their limits dinged, suggesting that Comcast is giving its service preferential treatment to keep subscribers on the service rather than straying over to Netflix.”

Hastings has previously challenged Comcast’s assertions that it is expensive for the company to deliver Internet video, the story notes.

Reps for Comcast did not immediately comment for the story.

The report adds: “During an on-stage interview at a tech conference in February, Reed couldn’t hide his skepticism about the high costs Internet service providers claim come with delivering Netflix videos over the Web. When asked whether the cable companies are "pressured" by the enormous amount of traffic that Netflix customers generate, Hastings sarcastically said, ‘That 92 percent Comcast operating margin is really under a lot of pressure. … There is no financial pressure on ISPs. They are making a fortune.’"

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