Study: 20-Somethings Switch Media About 27 Times Per Hour

Apr 9, 2012  •  Post A Comment

It’s an advertiser’s nightmare: A new study finds that consumers in their 20s switch media venues about 27 times per non-working hour, reports Brian Steinberg in Advertising Age.

That’s the equivalent of more than 13 switches during a standard half-hour television show, Steinberg points out.

The study, from Time Warner’s Time Inc. and conducted by Boston’s Innerscope Research, only had 30 participants, the story notes. Nevertheless, it "offers at least directional insight into a generation that always has a smartphone at arm’s length and flips from a big TV set to a smaller tablet screen and back again at a moment’s notice," Steinberg writes.

The study was split between "digital natives" in their 20s and "digital immigrants," or people who grew up with non-digital technology such as radio and print, the story says.

Immigrants switched media venues only 17 times per non-working hour, the study found. That means that 20-somethings switch media venues about 35% more than immigrants, the piece points out.

"Though hardly definitive, the research paints a worrisome picture for marketers in a world where consumers turn from screen to screen in search of something that captures and retains their attention, yet often cannot find it," Steinberg writes.

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