‘Today’ Books High-Profile Co-Host to Counter Couric’s Fill-In on ‘GMA’

Apr 2, 2012  •  Post A Comment

With Katie Couric slated to fill in on ABC’s "Good Morning America" this week, NBC’s "Today" has tapped former Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin to co-host, reports CNN.com.

The pairing brings to mind Couric’s infamous interviews with Palin during the 2008 presidential campaign, when Couric asked Palin which newspapers or magazines she read and Palin was unable to name a single one, the story points out.

Palin, now a paid contributor at Fox News Channel, will "reveal a different side of her than you’ve seen before," "Today" said, according to the piece.

As we reported previously, “Today” has a long winning streak in the morning ratings, but “GMA” has been closing the gap — and the presence of Couric, the former “Today” co-host, could have an impact on the ratings battle.

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  1. The race to the bottom picks up speed when ratings are in play. As a lif-long viewer of the Today Show, I almost puked when I heard this was there “Ace-in-the-Hole” for countering Couric on GMA.
    So they say this is going to be a side of Palin we have never seen. The only side we haven’t seen is her intelligent, knowledge based side. We have about as much chance of hearing something intelligent out of her as we do seeing Russia from Alaska.

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