CNBC Shuffles On-Air Lineup, Replaces Co-Host of Daily Program

May 30, 2012  •  Post A Comment

CNBC has tweaked its on-air lineup, including naming a new co-host for one of its daily shows, TVNewser reports. The cable channel named Kelly Evans co-host of "Worldwide Exchange," a daily show about the global markets.

Evans joins Ross Westgate as a co-host of the show, which broadcasts from London each weekday. Evans is taking over the spot held down by Christine Tan.

Tan has been with the show since 1995, the year it launched. Tan is not leaving the network; she’s doing "Managing Asia," a weekly interview show based in Singapore.

Evans came to CNBC last February from The Wall Street Journal.

Kelly-Evans.jpgKelly Evans


  1. It’s on the weekend of my birthday, and it involves books.. So, it seemed interesting. Also, what’s the age limit? And what do you do there, exactly?

  2. Kelly: This is really for your buddy, Carl or his English-accent buddy, whose name I cannot find on this CNBC site:
    That co-host pressed the Obama campaign spokesperson this morning for their SPECIFIC plans for the economy next term.
    Apparently your CNBC co-hosts both tuned out when President Obama set forth his Jobs Plan that not only would help restore the economy for next term but would have gone a long way for restoration this term.
    Paul Ryan and the Republican House Stonewalled and would not allow the Jobs Plan to progress. So who really is responsible for the present economic conditions?
    And what SPECIFICS have you asked of Paul Ryan and Willard Mitt Romney to produce?
    How about some fair and even-handed reporting from you folks?
    How does this trickle down theory work again? We have had 12 years of it, since the Bush administration enacted it. Where are the jobs again?
    And who is responsible for the lack of jobs? Those who presented workable and immediately implementable plan, or those who refuse to allow such a plan to go forward?
    You folks on Wall Street jeopardized our entire fiscal economy by your egregious greed leading up to this, the greatest recession of all time. Instead of acknowledging your role in America’s near destruction…and DOING SOMETHING TO FIX IT YOURSELVES, you blame the lack of recovery on the President and the Fed!
    Time to GROW UP, Carl and your English-accented buddy, and become responsible and unbiased reporters, if not responsible human beings.
    You sicken every fair minded citizen with your over the top biased reporting.
    Why send this to you, Kelly? So you, Kelly Evans, do not become the next Becky Quick or Erin Burnett…or worse, Larry Kudlow.
    John Keilman
    Southport, NC

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