Cult CBS Series, Canceled a Few Years Ago, May Come Back to Life

May 21, 2012  •  Post A Comment

A drama series that developed a cult following before having the plug pulled a few years ago is the subject of reports that it may be resurrected by Netflix, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The show is “Jericho,” which starred Skeet Ulrich. The series aired on CBS from 2006-2008 and focused on a Kansas town after a nuclear attack in 23 major U.S. cities.

Former "Jericho" co-executive producer Karim Zreik said he would be "ecstatic" if the show ended up finding new life on Netflix, and added that the show’s fan base has been "incredible" in its support, the story notes.

"From what I hear, sides are talking,” Zreik said. "It’s exciting, and I know the cast is excited too."

The show never completely went away, Zerik noted. "Story-wise, [‘Jericho’] has been living on in the comic book world," he said. "It’s all the writers from the series, led by Dan Shotz. We’ve done three issues already. Story-wise, we’ve got ample story to tell — that’s not a concern. I think we’re just waiting to see if a deal can be brokered."

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