Delta Pulls Ads From ‘The Daily Show’ Over Vagina Joke

May 10, 2012  •  Post A Comment

Delta has dropped its advertising on Comedy Central’s "The Daily Show" over a joke featuring a "vagina manger," and the Catholic League is urging Kellogg’s to also drop its support of the show, reports TheWrap.com.

Delta pulled its ads after complaints from the Catholic League over the April 16 routine, which featured host Jon Stewart suggesting the "War on Christmas" had created more outrage from conservatives than the recent focus on women’s reproductive rights.

Stewart suggested women protect their reproductive rights by combining them with Christmas icons, such as a "vagina manger" and Advent calendars that dispense birth-control pills.

Here’s a clip from the show that includes the bit that sparked the controversy:

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  1. Hmmmm, I guess I am a bad Christian. I thought the whole story was funny and made a pretty strong case regarding FOX’s extreme viewpoints. I’ll continue to watch the Daily Show, I’ll continue to respect women, and I’ll continue to celebrate Christmas as the birth of my savior. I’ll probably fly Delta or buy Delta plumbing supplies (not sure which one was pulled) and buy Kellog’s products although I like Post cereals better.

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