Entertainment Mag Renewed for Three Years — Even as Layoffs, Pay Cuts and the Director’s Impending Departure Cloud the Picture

May 2, 2012  •  Post A Comment

Even as layoffs, pay cuts and the upcoming departure of the show’s director plague the production, the long-running syndicated entertainment magazine "Access Hollywood" has been renewed for at least three more seasons, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The companion show "Access Hollywood Live" has been renewed for at least one more season.

Employees are upset, however, about pay cuts, which are affecting most of the show’s staff, the story says.

Pay will be cut from 10% to 20% per employee, with the cuts following the layoffs of 14 full-time and part-time staffers, which we reported last month.

Director Kim Anastasia will be leaving the show after the May sweeps period, in what the article calls a voluntary decision.

Comcast’s NBCUniversal, which owns the show, wouldn’t comment on the pay cuts, the possibility of additional layoffs or other business issues, the story says. A spokesperson for the show said only: “’Access Hollywood’ made staffing adjustments that make sense for our business and position us well for the future.”

According to a source at the show, the pay cuts are not driven by orders from Comcast, but reflect a broader move toward cost-efficiency not only at “Access” but in the entertainment magazine segment as a whole. The segment has struggled to retain viewers in recent years, the story notes. “Access” has been on the air for 15 seasons.

Most of the recent layoffs at “Access Hollywood” reportedly were in the research department.

The story adds: “More adjustments could be ahead for some on-air talent, although it is unclear when that may happen. Sources say it is unlikely host Billy Bush will have his salary cut.”

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  1. Always worth keeping an eye on a ‘news’ program when they cut their research staff. Get ready for some interesting comments that have been researched as deeply as Wikipedia is able to go on a subject.

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