NBC Boss Explains Why ‘Community’ Is Moving, Comments (Sort Of) on Dan Harmon-Chevy Chase Hassle

May 14, 2012  •  Post A Comment

With "Community” creator and showrunner Dan Harmon still unsigned for another season of the program, NBC chief Bob Greenblatt offered comments that could indirectly contain implications for Harmon and the show, reports Joe Adalian in New York Magazine’s Vulture blog.

As reported previously, Harmon has been mired in a public dispute with “Community” co-star Chevy Chase, including going public with a profanity-laced voicemail from the former “Saturday Night Live” star. Chase has made a series of comments giving the impression he’s unhappy with his role on the show and seemingly putting Harmon in the crosshairs.

Asked about the situation with “Community” and Harmon, Greenblatt indicated he’s aware that Harmon remains unsigned, but said he doesn’t know the details. He added: "Shows lose showrunners all the time and do well. We have to figure out what makes sense. I don’t have a specific answer for that yet."

There haven’t been any "intense" talks between Harmon and NBC yet, the story notes. Said Greenblatt: "I’ve been so busy looking at our new shows and putting together the schedule, that hasn’t come to me yet.”

"Community" has been shifted to Fridays to support "Grimm," which has performed well on Fridays at 9 p.m., the piece notes. The idea, according to Greenblatt, is to help "Grimm," which Greenblatt says might get a bigger boost by having a scripted show as its lead-in.

"Both [‘Community’ and ‘Whitney’] have core audiences that seem to travel with them," Greenblatt added, according to the piece.


  1. ‘Whitney’ has a core audience? I thought those numbers came from people whose remotes broke when they landed on the show and were too lazy to get up and shut it off.

  2. bahahahahaha…!!

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