News Corp. Board Responds to U.K. Panel’s Attack on Rupert Murdoch

May 3, 2012  •  Post A Comment

News Corp.’s board responded to a British parliamentary panel’s criticism of Rupert Murdoch, the company’s CEO, by throwing its support behind Murdoch after the U.K. panel said Murdoch is unfit to run a global company, Bloomberg reports.

The board "announced its full confidence in Rupert Murdoch’s fitness and support for his continuing to lead,” News Corp. directors said in a statement. "The board based its vote of confidence on Rupert Murdoch’s vision and leadership in building News Corporation, his ongoing performance as chairman and CEO, and his demonstrated resolve to address the mistakes of the company identified in the Select Committee’s report.”

As previously reported, the British report was critical of Murdoch and his son James in News Corp.’s phone-hacking scandal, finding that Rupert Murdoch "did not take steps to become fully informed about phone hacking" and "turned a blind eye and exhibited willful blindness to what was going on in his companies and publications."


  1. For those that argue that consolidating media is a must because it is good for the bottom line can now see how smart the original 1934 limitation on media ownership really was. Any one company or individual was limited to what they could own because they knew back then that many voices owning fewer outlets was much better for a diverse nation than a few owners with unlimited outlets.

  2. Fore score and eight years ago our fore fathers in communications knew what the hell they were doing as Tim has so wisely reminded us above.
    Lawyers were bought to rewrite rules, regulations and statutes that had been set up to keep us diverse.
    We must breakup these “legal” monopolitic media monsters.
    The very future of our Free Press, open society, liberty and the pursuit of happiness is at stake.
    Peter Bright

  3. Thanks for the support Peter.
    I have been working in TV/radio for 40 yrs and have followed the demise of civilized public affairs discussion since the beginning. It all began to unravel when Bush the first fast tracked Rupert’s citizenship for campaign contributions so that he could legally buy American media. Shortly thereafter, Reagan struck down the fairness doctrine. From that point, opinions became “facts” and the louder you shouted, the bigger the ratings. The bigger the ratings the bigger the cash pile. Unfortunately, a race to the biggest cash pile always turns into a race to the lowest common denominator.

  4. Tim, and Peter Bright eloquently said what I was trying to say in part of my post below. We need to get back to 1934 sensible diverse non-monopoly laws.
    Anyone who believe FoxNews is even handed is living under a rock. When Americans allow any foreigner such as, Rupert Murdoch, to buy citizenship within 60days, then buy and control our airwaves/media, it will always lead to no good. Fox News promotes Hate, and they do it in a soft smooth pretend to be patriotic way. They have allegedly turned this country into a deep hole of hate, ignorance, widespread payoffs and corruption. What can we expect when the head of Fox has been on trial in other countries for corruption. No American citizen can go to a superpower or progressive country and own their airwaves, disrespect the head of that country and create hate and havoc. While Fox is distracting the unable to think, or research for themselves viewer, they are finding ways to control this country by using paid for politicians to pass laws that will turn us into the real communist Russia. The people yelling the loudest calling others a commie, are the real communist. Keep people dumb, keep them afraid, then take away their constitutional rights and privacy by pretending to keep them safe. I give you Commuism complete with new laws turning every law enforcement agency into the KGB. Rupert and the boys at Fox are great at that making viewers believe they love their country. They all remind me of Lonesome Rhodes. All of this foolish talk about Socialism. The country of my great grandparents Israel, is a Socialist country, so why hasn’t Fox said anything about that? We all love Israel, we are all ready to send our men and women to die protecting it (thank God), but they are Socialist. Do you think Fox News would ever say anything about Americans dying to protect a Socialist Israel? No, because thay are playing games with Americans and promoting fear, Hate, and quietly turning us into Communist America on paper through laws. Real patriots would not be yelling about ObamaCare, they would be yelling about something far more serious like the Patriot Act, NDAA, Xray Machines looking at your genitals, private companies and the government looking at your emails and text, listening to your cell phone calls all without a warrant. Politicians taking money from Lobbyist to serve their interest not the voter, political kickbacks disguised as honorariums for a 10 min speech, etc. Where are the so called Patriots and the pretend to love America host at Fox News on those issues.
    After you are done being brainwashed by Fox News, go over to MSNBC and get some balance. At least look at something other than Fox News for a different point of view. Thank you.

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