What Are the Best and Worst Upfront Decisions?

May 21, 2012  •  Post A Comment

Now that the broadcast upfront presentations are over and the fall schedules have been announced, it’s time to call out the best and worst decisions by the networks, according to EW.com’s Inside TV.

The worst new show title is CBS’s "Golden Boy," with the detective drama saddled with a name that "makes the protagonist sound like a suck-up, or well tanned," the story notes.

The best new show title also comes from CBS, with the updated Sherlock Holmes drama "Elementary." "It’s not fancy, just strong, simple and evokes the voice of its famed detective,” the article says.

The most "ho-hum" show pickup is NBC’s "Guys with Kids." "We get it, it’s soooo hard being a modern man (for further proof, look at this season’s ‘Man Up!,’ ‘How to Be a Gentleman’ and ‘Work It’)," the story points out.

The least deserved cancellation was "Terra Nova," the piece says. "From what we gathered, it came down to saving this show or ‘Touch’ — and Fox oddly chose the latter. Too bad; for all its faults, ‘Terra Nova’ built a good family following and had plenty of room for creative growth."

The most deserved cancellation? ABC’s "GCB," "an unfunny attempt at replicating [‘Desperate Housewives’] success."

All of the big four networks had shows that surprised many in the media by not making it into the fall lineups. The story lists the biggest surprise non-pickups as NBC’s Roseanne Barr vehicle “Downwardly Mobile” and its Sarah Silverman comedy project; CBS’s Martin Lawrence sitcom; Fox’s John Stamos effort “Little Brother”; and ABC’s Judy Greer sitcom.

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