Why Did Britney Spears Insist on $15 Million for ‘X Factor’? (Hint: It’s All About How Much Another Music Superstar Was Paid for Another Singing Competition)

May 29, 2012  •  Post A Comment

Britney Spears’ $15 million paycheck for "The X Factor" was spurred by the amount of money another famous singer earned for a season as a judge on a singing competition, TMZ.com reports.

Jennifer Lopez’s $12 million earnings for her first season on "American Idol" were reportedly a factor, with Spears allegedly determined to make more than Lopez, the story reports.

Spears initially wanted $20 million to do the show, but eventually settled for her $15 million paycheck, the story notes. It’s unclear what Lopez will get paid now that ratings for "Idol" are down, the piece adds — speculating that Lopez may want to return the favor and be paid more than Spears.

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