CNN Shuffles On-Air Personalities — Including Shipping One Off to HLN

Jun 27, 2012  •  Post A Comment

CNN announced a number of lineup changes Tuesday, including shipping one familiar on-air personality to sister channel HLN, Deadline.com reports.

Among the changes, Kyra Phillips is being sent to HLN while morning fixture Ashleigh Banfield gets a new time slot. Meanwhile, former ABC News correspondent John Berman, a recent addition to the CNN lineup, joins Zoraida Sambolin on “Early Start.”

Deadline reports: “Banfield is leaving the early early AM of ‘Early Start,’ where she and Sambolin have been since November 2011, for ‘CNN Newsroom.’ Banfield will now host the 11 AM spot for the network.”

The story adds: “Phillips, who has been with CNN nearly 13 years, will leave the 11 AM ‘Newsroom’ slot and move over to HLN, where she will debut a new daytime show later this summer.”

Said HLN executive Scot Saforn: “The show will be built around Kyra’s personality and passions, which include looking at the state of parenting and the modern family, civil rights and discrimination, children with disabilities and military families.”

The changes, all of which are set to take place in the next month or so, come as CNN wraps up a second quarter that produced the network’s worst prime-time ratings in 21 years, as we reported separately.

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  1. Hunh. Remember the good ol’ days when Head Line News had ‘news’ and ‘head lines’. Next thing you know they’ll do some crossover programming with Bravo. No disrespect to Bravo…

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