Oops: Graphic That Ran Under Ann Curry’s Image on NBC’s ‘Today’ Appears to Signal Her Fate

Jun 21, 2012  •  Post A Comment

On this morning’s "Today" show, NBC ran a graphic — apparently inadvertently — during Ann Curry’s interview with Steve Carell that seemed to underscore that Curry’s time as a host on the show may be coming to an end, reports TVNewser.com.

Carell appeared on the show to promote his new movie "Seeking a Friend for the End of the World.” While he awaited a question from Curry, a graphic was shown under Curry’s image — apparently in an attempt to illustrate the movie, but with all the attention focused lately on Curry’s job, perhaps more pertinent to her situation.

The graphic included the statement: "Here today, gone tomorrow."

As reported previously, Curry appears to be headed out from “Today,” with Savannah Guthrie a leading contender to take over her spot.


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  1. Time will tell how this scenario will play out but one senses that Ms Curry isn’t just a pretty face to play along to demands (she’s already got her lawyer on board and she had no problem showing up for work when everyone thought she would save face and not) which is probably what got her in trouble in the first place…for now there might be some roadblocks that NBC wasn’t counting on.

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