Paramedics Called to Lindsay Lohan’s Hotel Room

Jun 15, 2012  •  Post A Comment

Concerns were raised about the condition of Lindsay Lohan today after reports circulated that paramedics had been called to her hotel room and she was found to be unresponsive, USA Today reports.

TMZ.com confirmed that the actress was OK. Lohan “wasn’t feeling well after complaining of exhaustion, she called someone from the ‘Liz and Dick’ production team early this morning, and the team sent a private doctor to check on her,” the website reported. “Before arriving, the doctor called the hotel and asked someone to check on Lindsay. Someone from the hotel went to her door, ‘checked on her’ and determined she was ‘unresponsive.’ The hotel then called 911.”

A rep for Lohan reported that it was a member of the production team who made the 911 call.

Lohan reportedly went to the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Marina del Rey, Calif., to rest after two days of almost non-stop shooting on Lifetime’s Elizabeth Taylor biopic.

Paramedics who went to Lohan’s hotel room determined that there was nothing wrong with her, TMZ reported.

USA Today published this statement from Lohan spokesman Steve Honig: "Lindsay worked a grueling schedule the past few days. She was on set last night at 7 pm and worked through the night until 8 am this morning. She took a nap before shooting her final scene. Producers were concerned when she did not come out of her room and called paramedics as a precaution. Lindsay was examined and is fine, but did suffer some exhaustion and dehydration. Lindsay was never taken to a hospital; reports to the contrary are false. She is resting now and is hoping to be back on set later this afternoon."

Lohan was said to be back on the set of “Liz and Dick” later in the day.


  1. Uh, isn’t a 13-hour day not that unusual, especially for made-for-cable projects? Is she portraying Liz, or becoming her??

  2. L O L!!!!! Thanks for the laugh WriterGuy. Right now I am howling…Man, the executive producer of that project must be sweating bullets. I wonder how much longer they have to go before they wrap up and Ms. Lohan either od’s or gets arrested again? It is too bad because she still has not yet reached rock bottom…

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