Popular Food Host Pitching Game Show

Jun 14, 2012  •  Post A Comment

One of the most prolific of the Food Network stars is pitching a new program for syndication — a daily game show that’s tentatively called "Food Chain," Variety reports. (Note that Variety may charge readers for access to its story.)

Food Network host Paula Deen and Natalka Znak, Zodiak USA’s head, have been in talks with distributors about the first-run 30-minute program.

"Food Chain" is already a successful television format in Italy, with families competing in a cooking contest to win ever larger cash prizes.

Deen would be the host of the new show.


  1. Oh, please…not more of that fat cow Deen and her yahoo crew! Enough is too much…but with TV in the reality pit of doom, it’s not surprising. Coming soon: Casey Anthony’s reality show: “How to Silence your Kids!”

  2. I have much interest in cooking as well much interest in cooking contest and i think such kind of shows give opportunity to earn cash prizes. Thanks for sharing nice article.

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