Video: Dan Rather Says Donald Trump’s Been Pushing ‘Between-the-Lines Racism.’ Also, He Says He Would Go on Katie Couric’s Upcoming Syndie Talker, But We’re ‘More Likely to See Water Run Uphill’ Than to See Couric Invite Him to Appear

Jun 1, 2012  •  Post A Comment


  1. Remember when Dan Rather wouldn’t lower himself to appear on a show like Wendy Williams? now it is anywhere to try and get a little limelight back. How far he has fallen. He wishes Katie Couric would invite him on her show.

  2. Pathetic loser. What an ass.

  3. I AM LAUGHING HYSTERICALLY at the first comment! Dan’s the man but he need not worry because “Katie” will probably disappear faster than “The Chevy Chase Show.” (six weeks)
    Her “act” has worn thin. Had she done this immediately after she departed “Today” I would say she had a better chance. Good luck with that one…

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