ABC’s ‘Good Afternoon America’ Pumps Up Numbers for Time Slot — Despite Dissing Liza

Jul 11, 2012  •  Post A Comment

The debut of ABC’s "Good Afternoon America" — a spinoff of the network’s morning show "Good Morning America" — drew 1.92 million total viewers on Monday, reports B&C.

That’s an improvement of 40% in total viewers from the average delivery of "The Revolution" in the same time period, the story says. ABC canceled "The Revolution" in April.

ABC is giving "Good Afternoon America" a nine-week test run. As previously reported, the Monday debut didn’t go off without a hitch, as the broadcast ended abruptly in the middle of an anecdote by singer Liza Minnelli.


  1. Dissing Liza probably helped the numbers…

  2. Pimps for ABC’s attempt to dump its last remaining soap opera. Disgusting. GH’s ratings are far, far better.

  3. I thought the show was pretty good. I think it’s a big improvement over The Revolution, and I didn’t care about OLTL.
    And GH’s ratings are not good either. They have bigger numbers than GAA but they also are consistently down from the previous year and actually had a bad week in the ratings the week GAA premiered. Plus it costs alot more to produce. I’m not sure why the comparisons. They’re two different shows. GH is never going to get the viewers back they’ve lost over the years and will probably continue losing them so it’s going to go eventually, whether GAA replaces it or another show.

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